It's Not ME, It's WE

When you look around, it’s not hard to see that the ME FIRST mentality that plagues our world is destroying both our society and our planet. Very few hoard immense wealth while millions of unhoused sleep on the street; corporate greed for profit in the here and now is shaping a planet that will be uninhabitable in the future. I – along with the other therapists at Your Healing Begins Here  – strive to model a different way of doing business that focuses on cooperation and community rather than competition, a model that points the way forward towards creating a world that works for everyone. It’s not ME, it’s WE. Below, you will find an (ever growing!) list of resources including like-minded therapists, mutual aid and programs to suit a variety of interests

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Erica "tzippi" folinsky, lcsw, (she/they)

Erica “Tzippi” Folinksy is a neurodivergent weirdo with a heart of gold! She specializes in working with other misfits and weirdos, as well as folx in the kink and polyamory community. She is a trauma-informed therapist with training in somatics, who works with both individuals and couples. Hit her up if she sounds like a good fit!

myles marcotte, acsw, (he/him)

Myles Marcotte sees both couples and individuals for therapy. He is a proponent of the Health at Every Size (HAES) movement, and specializes in work with transgender clients and gender outlaws! He is also available for workshops and consultation. If he sounds like what you’re looking for, click the link below!

Community Resources

people helping people

Mutual Aid

Mutual Aid consists of a variety of groups , sometimes grassroots and with varying levels of organizational structure, whose purpose is to provide support to their own communities via such things as food banks, clothing drives, free hot meals, Covid-19 care, rental assistance, and opportunities for civic involvement.

L.A. Forward

take action

Provides general information about mutual aid and local issues, serves as a clearinghouse for many mutual aid projects in southern California. 

Mutual Aid Network L.A.

volunteer, get help

Offers grocery delivery and opportunities for involvement specifically related to the Covid-19 crisis and related issues (food insecurity, housing)

Mutual Aid Hub

by location

Contains a map; clicking on an area will bring up what’s available in that area. From there you can reach out to those organizations directly.


Supportive Community

Resources for humans dealing with human stuff. 

LGBTQ Resources and Referrals


A “211” site providing numerous resources including support groups, mental health, addiction, advocacy, and health care referrals for the LGBTQ community. 

Drug and Alcohol Addiction

virtual support

Under Covid, drug and alcohol abuse have been climbing. If you think you may be developing a problem, virtual AA meetings are available from the comfort of home.

Intimate Partner Violence


Intimate partner violence has been on the rise under Covid-19. If you need help, call the DV Council to be put in touch with legal services, support services, and shelter. 

health first

Self Care

How are you keeping sane during these unprecedented times? Connecting with ourselves and others can be integral to maintaining our emotional balance. 



The Headspace meditation app is offering free premium memberships to residents of Los Angeles County, to aid with the stress of a global pandemic and economic uncertainty. Click below for details. 



Are you in need of a kick in the pants to reduce stress? Click the button to find free or donation-based outdoor yoga classes to help clear your mind and get you back to your powerful self! Don’t forget your mask!



 Loneliness was already an issue in our society prior to Covid… now it’s even worse! If you’re struggling with solitude, consider joining an LGBTQ+ social or support group online. Stonewall Alliance Center has many to choose from!