What are your rates?

Individual Therapy

$180 per 50 min session

I have a limited amount of sliding-scale spots available based on economic need. If you are unemployed or under-employed, don’t hesitate to advocate for yourself and I will accommodate you if I can!

Sessions are available 9AM-7PM, Monday through Wednesday.   

Other offerings:

Anti-Racism Training & Consulting

$ Varies based on service

I offer a 60-minute anti-racism training for mental health professionals who wish to serve the African-American population with enhanced cultural competency, skill, and awareness of the historical underpinnings of inequality. I also work in a consulting role with businesses striving to implement Diversity & Inclusion initiatives, to reduce white supremacy culture in their professionalism & practices. 

Dismantling White Supremacy

An eight-week series, specifically designed for white people who would like to unlearn white supremacy and be better allies to their BIPOC friends and family members, and better humans in general. This hybrid group consists of part learning workshop, part group therapy as we explore the challenging (and empowering!) feelings that come up around systemic racism, race relations and white fragility.   

Coming Soon, Fall 2024

BIPOC Group Therapy

BIPOC group therapy will provide a supportive space for discussing issues relating to identity, racial justice, intersectionality, and relationships. We will actively examine how white supremacy has impacted different areas of our lives and do the mental and emotional work required to decolonize ourselves from learned white supremacy.  Participation in this group will be limited to people who identify as people of color. 

Dismantling White Supremacy Group Therapy
Begins Monday January 18, 2021
Special Introductory price: $240 for Eight Weeks ($30/session)

You got questions? I got answers!

$180 a session? Isn't that a bit high, you hippie therapist?

Good question!
(And I’m not a hippie!)

Therapy involves a lot of unpaid work behind the scenes, beyond your 50-minute session. Your therapist will be researching the best practices for addressing your specific concerns, attending trainings, documenting your sessions, and perhaps even seeking consulting to ensure they are providing you with the highest quality care. For this reason, your therapist can’t spend 40 hours a week in session with clients like a job where you clock in and out. And due to the often mentally and emotionally taxing nature of therapy, you really wouldn’t want a therapist who did! An exhausted therapist who can barely track what you’re saying, let alone provide helpful feedback, isn’t much use to anyone!

It is my goal to provide quality mental healthcare to as many people as possible across the socioeconomic spectrum. By charging people with stable, middle-to-high income jobs my full fee, I am able to secure sliding-scale spots for clients who are experiencing job insecurity or unemployment. Rest easy knowing that your fee isn’t going to funding my yacht; it is helping others who find themselves in difficult situations to get the help and support that they need.

Online therapy? But, is it weird?

Not really.

Online therapy requires a good internet or high-speed data connection, tech that most people own (laptop or smartphone), a little privacy and that’s it! There’s no driving; you can have your therapy session in your living room, at a nearby park… you can even have your sessions in your pajamas if you like! Online therapy utilizes a videoconferencing app (much like Zoom) that is HIPAA-compliant and encrypted for your privacy. It feels a bit like catching up with your aunt over Skype, but with fewer comments about your hair and uncomfortable questions about your love life.  

Do you take health insurance?


I currently accept Aetna and Optum. But if you don’t have one of these, never fear! Some insurance providers will reimburse you on a monthly basis for therapy sessions with licensed therapists. Please verify whether your health insurance provider will reimburse you prior to our first appointment, so that you can budget for your needs! I am happy to help you with service codes to make this process flow more smoothly.   

What is LGBTQ+ Affirming?

All are welcome here.

I have over 25 years of lived experience as an “out,” gender-nonconforming lesbian in the LGBTQ+ community. That’s what LGBTQ+ Affirming means versus therapists who identify as “gay-friendly”… as much difference as between grass growing from the earth and astroturf!
I’m a part of the community, with an in-depth knowledge of the specific issues and challenges faced by gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, queer, and nonbinary people, as well as the issues faced by cis people who just may not align totally with what society expects of their gender. 
LGBTQ+ Affirming means I don’t just “tolerate” you– I celebrate you! 

I don’t discriminate; ALL are welcome here!

(This means you too, straight people!)

I'm interested in starting therapy. What's next?

Book a Free Consultation

The process of picking the right person with whom to share both your deepest darkness and most tender exuberance may feel intimidating! Having a phone consultation with your prospective therapist will allow you to hear their voice, get a sense for their personality and style, and give you a chance to share what you want out of therapy so they can determine if they’re a good fit for you. If your therapist feels they’re not a good match for your specific concerns, they can provide referrals to a therapist who is a better fit.